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How do I find the right suit for me?

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Finding the right suit can feel like a real challenge. With a vast array of fabrics, finishes and cuts to choose from, you then have to decide on coordinating shirts, shoes and accessories. Whether you are a first time suit buyer or someone who wears them every day, buying a suit can end up feeling like another life-admin task, rather than a pleasure. If you’d like to regain the enjoyment of the suit buying process, consider shopping with Suits Distributors. We’re experts in all things formalwear, and can help you select a suit that will make you look and feel fantastic. Here’s our guide for how to find the right suit for you.

What’s the occasion?

The first question our team here at Suits Distributors will ask you is, where do you plan to wear this suit? It will immediately whittle down the selection process, with some suits suitable for office and work wear, and others appropriate for weddings, events, holidays, or other occasions. Some suits are good multitaskers, but there will be lots of factors affecting the wearability of the suit, from weather and season, to dress codes. We’ll help you find something that can travel from office to cocktails, or something classic enough to be worn to multiple events without looking repetitious. If you need a suit for a specific dress code, we’ll be able to make sure you tick all the boxes and don’t make any sartorial errors! 

What’s your fit?

Most men know their casual clothing size – it’s rarely more complicated than small, medium or large. When it comes to suits, more attention to detail is definitely required. Getting the right fit is one of the main factors in making a suit look great. It’s really worth making the effort to get your exact measurements in order to be able to find the perfect suit for you. The measurements you will need are: your centre back length, your waist, your collar, your arm length, your inside leg, and your size across the chest. Our team here at Suits Distributors will be able to help you if you can’t work out your size. Even once you have your measurements, there are more choices to be made – would you like a classic fit, a skinny fit, or a looser look? Consider your body shape and height, as well as the purpose of this suit – if you are wearing it all the time you need something that will be comfortable. 

Which fabric?

Comfort also plays a part in the next decision, but style must remain a priority too! If you are searching for a suit for a summer wedding, lighter fabrics such as linens might appeal. If it’s a winter event or a country setting, woollens and tweeds may well provide your solution. Those wanting a hardworking multitasker of a suit will want to look at fabrics of a medium weight, perhaps ones that are more breathable and therefore need cleaning less often.

Which colour?

The range of available colours for suits used to be quite limited and subject to strict sartorial rules. But fashion moves forward and the choice is now much broader. If you’re headed to the boardroom, sober navy, blacks and greys will probably still be your direction. But those looking for formalwear for events have more scope for expression. Grooms might think about a whole host of pastel shades to coordinate with their wedding theme, and the same for their groomsmen. Black tie still allows for rich red linings or jewel toned jacquards.

If you find yourself lost in the world of suit buying, look to Suits Distributors. Our team of fashion pros will help you select the best suit for you, from fitting to accessories, fabric to style choices. Their knowledge of men’s formal wear will help you feel comfortable and look fantastic. Come to Suits Distributors today.


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