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Wedding suits – the ultimate guide for the groom

Wedding Suits in Cork

The ultimate Wedding Suit guide for the groom

Your wedding is one of the most significant days of your life. Surrounded by friends and family, with photographers snapping away, and making memories to last a lifetime, you want to be sure you look your best.

But with so many choices to make for your big day, how can you pick a wedding suit that fits the style of your wedding, delights your personal taste, and hits the fashion mark? With considerations from cut to cloth, two-piece, three-piece, or four-piece outfits, and then accessories from ties to shoes, choosing your wedding suit can feel highly pressured.

Let’s ditch the stress. Your wedding is meant to be all about joy, and you want a suit that makes you feel amazing. At Suits Distributors, we are experts in all things men’s formalwear. Our friendly team of fashion pros knows their tweed from their tartan and their brogues from their buttonholes.

Relax and enjoy the shopping process, with the Suits Distributor’s ultimate guide to wedding suit shopping for the groom.


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How smart is smart enough?

Most of us aren’t used to dressing very formally in our daily lives. Formal dress codes can present something of a comprehension test – but thankfully, our team at Suits Distributors is here to stop you from making any sartorial errors.

One of the first considerations when shopping for a wedding suit is the level of formality at your wedding. Are you planning a black tie extravaganza? Is your venue a stately home or similarly luxurious and formal?


The Tux

A Tuxedo for your WeddingFor a black tie event, a tuxedo would be the appropriate men’s attire. A tuxedo is the smartest of the smart in the world of suits. The main distinction between a tux and a normal suit is that a tux will include some satin among its fabrics. On a tux, there may be satin on the lapel facing, buttons, pocket trim, and down the side of the trousers. There will be no satin on a suit—in fact, the whole suit, including pants, jacket, and accessories, will be made from the same material.

There is also the received wisdom that a tux should only be worn after 5 pm, but if you’re having a very smart lunchtime wedding you may choose to relax this rule!


Four or three or two-piece suit?

If your wedding is intended to be a slightly less formal affair, a classic suit will tick the right boxes. However, there are still choices to be made. A four-piece suit would be the most formal look, as it includes a suit jacket, trousers, waistcoat, and a matching tie. A Three-piece suit is slightly less dressy, but still very smart, including the waistcoat but not the tie. Two-piece suits are the least formal option, but can still look fantastic in the right setting.


Pros and cons of the tuxedo vs the suit

While you might feel that the tuxedo is the ultimate in special occasion attire – and this is the most special of special occasions – there are some practical considerations that should be taken into account. A tuxedo is an expensive investment piece, which you may only wear once. A classic suit can be worn over and over for many years, and never look dated or out of place. You might even wear it to the office as well as to smart events.


Suits are also a more flexible option than tuxedos. Where the tux will only ever come in a limited range of luxury fabrics and dark colours, a suit can be tailored in a wider range of fabrics and shades, which may be more suitable to your season and location.


Cut from the right cloth

Formality and mood will also be determined by the cloth you choose for your wedding suit. A velvet tuxedo screams luxury and needs to be accompanied by a high-end wedding. But if you’re getting married on the beach in summer, a light-coloured linen suit would be far more appropriate – and comfortable!

While a tuxedo will likely be made from velvet or similar, suits can come in anything from woolens and tartans to linens and cotton. Patterns and colours are available too, so if you’re looking for something a little different, or perhaps to tie in specifically with your wedding theme, look for a suit that coordinates. Don’t be afraid to shake up the rules and choose something sensational!


Seasonal choices

It’s important to bear in mind the season and climate in that your wedding will take place. Your smart wool suit might be a sartorial favourite, but it will look hopelessly out of place during your summer beach wedding – and be horribly uncomfortable. Likewise, don’t shiver in a stylish linen suit for your autumn nuptials in the mountains.

Practical choices are just as important as style when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding suit. You don’t want to spend the whole day distracted by your own discomfort!


What’s your wedding style?

Here’s where you need to be on board with all the plans you and the bride are making. Is there a theme you could co-ordinate your outfit with – a red tie to match the bridesmaid’s dresses or a special lining to your jacket that nods towards the venue’s décor?

Consider the style of your venue too. A country barn wedding is much less formal than one in a large hotel, and you’ll want a suit that compliments your setting.


Don’t forget the details!

All suits are not created equal, and the devil really is in the details. If you’re looking for something that will stand out as extra special, make sure you look closely at all the little extras that can make or break your outfit.


Suit lapels

Suit lapels come in three distinct types. Each nods to different levels of formality and will give your outfit a subtly different vibe, so it’s important to get this choice right.


Notch lapel

Notch lapels can be used in both formal and casualwear, but this is the most basic type of lapel. They look best on single-breasted suits and can be recognized as small sideways v-shapes.


Peak lapel

This style is only used on more formal styles and forms a point that reaches out past your collar. Peak lapels add a touch of elegance and are a great choice for a wedding suit. They look particularly good on shorter men.


Shawl collar

This third type of lapel is only ever used on evening wear. It forms a continuous curve with no notches present and is most often used on tuxedos.



No outfit is complete without the full set of accessories. For a wedding suit, this means at least proper formal shoes, a belt (unless you are wearing a tuxedo, in which case you might also be wearing a cummerbund), a tie, and cufflinks. There are also options such as pocket squares to take into account.

Your accessories are a great way to inject more of your personality into your outfit. Whether you match the pocket square colours to the bridesmaid’s bouquets, or choose cufflinks in a design very personal to you (tiny gold bicycles for the keen bike rider for instance), don’t miss this opportunity to make your wedding suit extra special.


Are you on the hunt for a wedding suit?

If your big day is approaching and you need some advice on how to look your very best, visit Suits Distributors today.

At Suits Distributors in Cork, our menswear experts will help you find The Outfit for your special occasion. Our formal wear services will help you find your perfect wedding suit, taking in everything from the venue to the season, to create the best look personal to you.

Whether you are torn between a tuxedo and a more casual suit, or you’re not sure about fabrics and shades, our showroom in Cork stocks an extensive range of men’s formalwear, catering to every style. Make the ideal choice with the help of Suits Distributor’s friendly team, who are experts in all things wedding suit related.

Suits Distributors ensure you can conveniently get the whole package, providing you with our specially curated selection of coordinating accessories. From trousers and waistcoats to shirts and shoes, let us help you discover your perfect formal outfit at Suits Distributors Cork.


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