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Patterned Suits

Patterned suits are an exciting choice for the fashion forward. While sober, plain, dark colours work well for the workplace, playing with patterns can elevate your look and make you the life and soul of the party. Patterned suits come in many different forms, and here at Suits Distributors we stock a wide selection to give you all the sartorial choices you could wish for.

Traditional patterned suits take the form of pinstripes, with the occasional check, or perhaps a jacquard fabric. Pinstripes are a slimming look that can translate into more formal occasions, despite the pattern usually being reserved for the playful. The check can be a subtle nod to the pattern or can come in a stronger contrast to give a powerful effect. Jacquard is a luxury fabric that allows patterns to take flight and brim with motifs such as leaves or paisley. Deep colours work well with jacquard, as it tends to shimmer when it catches the light – think a bohemian Victorian gentleman tipping his hat to the Rolling Stones.

Patterned suits have really taken off as a big trend, with designers breaking out into much louder colours and designs. The key to getting the look right is finding the patterned suit you are comfortable with. Make sure it fits just right, and that the overall colours are tones that suit you. Have fun with a really extroverted design; or, if you’re feeling unsure, opt for a chic micro-pattern that hits the spot in a subtle way. Whatever you are looking for in a patterned suit, Suits Distributors can help.

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