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What’s trending in men’s suits (2024 Ireland)

mens suits trends ireland

The planet has seen some big changes in recent times, and with home-working, dressing-down, and comfort-seeking all making headlines, the suit has been adapting to the new world order. While the more traditional suit still has its place – notably weddings and funerals – lovers of dapper dressing will be pleased to find there is more variety and more fun being introduced to formal menswear. At Suits Distributors we stay ahead of the latest trends to bring you the very best in Irish fashion. Here is our guide to the top trends in men’s suits for 2024…

Mix it up

We’re living in a more casual era, and so it’s time to relax all the rules around suit wearing. Think about mixing and matching your suit top and bottom to create a whole new look. Treating your suit wear as separates opens up a whole new wardrobe, and allows for something a little less predictable. A smart dark blazer with an unstructured trouser in a contrasting colour; a waistcoat with no matching jacket. Footwear should be considered here too – pairing a smart suit with an on-point sneaker is very 2022.

Classic moves

Certain looks never go out of style, and vintage, while always classy, is having a moment. Think smooth black tuxedos and crisp white shirts, traditional tweeds and tailored timelessness. At Suits Distributors we can help you assemble a classic suit, giving you an effortless style statement that will never go out of fashion.  

Loosen up

The traditional men’s suit shape has been slowly evolving. The standard tight trousers and nipped-in waist doesn’t work on everyone, but luckily modern tailoring is becoming more relaxed. Ask your Suits Distributor expert if they can choose you a suit with a looser fit, a broader chest, and a wider trouser. You’ll be able to channel the greats of the 1930s and 40s rather than feeling imprisoned in your outfit!

Pastel shades

The suit has moved beyond its office role and so playing with colour has become much more possible. Rather than sombre dark tones, pastel and jewel shades are proving popular. Fashionistas are sporting shades of lilac, candy orange, emerald green and sapphire blue. While some may feel this is too bold a statement for their personal taste, you can nod to the trend by picking up pastel shades in your shirt or tie.

Prints charming

Prints are having a moment in 2022. Catwalks and red carpets are full of loud checks and fantastic florals. Not necessarily to everyone’s taste, and not easy suits to wear more than once. Luckily, here at Suits Distributors we have plenty of suits that tick the print trend box without giving you a headache. Our range includes subtle pinstripes, delicate checks, herringbone, tweeds and diamond patterned.   


Whether it’s a contrasting waistcoat or those oh-so-perfect cufflinks, accessories can make an outfit. Stand out from the crowd with just the right shoes, or add a bow tie for a cheeky nod to vintage style.

Are you looking for a new suit? Feeling sartorially stumped or stylishly stuck? Come to Suits Distributors, where our friendly team of fashion experts make stepping out in style simple.

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