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Eco-Friendly Fashion: Renting Suits for a Sustainable Christmas

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Renting Suits for a Sustainable Christmas

Buying a suit can be a big investment in your wardrobe, and renting a suit at Christmas could be the perfect alternative to give you a choice and a more sustainable option. If you’ve never considered renting clothing before, there are many reasons to think about it and we’ll explore some of these here.

Whether you’re looking for a stand-out suit for a special event or a sharp tuxedo for a black tie occasion, renting a suit at Christmas can be an excellent way to ensure that you look your best on the day without incurring the full cost of a suit you only want to wear once. You can select the perfect suit for the event without worrying about whether you’ll wear it again, and you can coordinate your look with others at your party without breaking the bank.


Rent a suit: Environmental Benefits

There are several reasons why renting a suit is a great idea and perhaps the most important one is the benefit to the environment. Fast fashion is a major contributor to climate change since the industry uses such a vast amount of resources, so reusing and hiring clothing can be an ideal solution.

Fast fashion is a way of mass producing the current fashion trends quickly and cheaply to make the most of the short-term marketing window before the next styles take over. High street stores that use this model include many big names, and it’s definitely a problem for our planet. However, wearing a good quality suit is a totally different experience, and a suit can be a timeless classic rather than a temporary trend. Hiring that suit can ensure that you stand out from the crowd and make the best possible choice for the environment too.

Buying new garments is a big problem for the planet, with 10% of total global carbon emissions coming from fashion production. Finding ways to reuse products rather than creating new ones is an important way to combat environmental damage. Renting clothing for a special occasion or event is an excellent option to protect the world’s precious resources, as well as being a cost-effective option.


The social impact of fast fashion

Christmas Party Suit Hire
Why not Rent a Suit for your next Christmas Function?

When you’re planning your outfit for the office Christmas party, you’ll be thinking about the impact you’ll make when you arrive, but it’s also worth thinking about the impact on the people who created your outfit. Many fashion choices come with a social cost, manufactured by poorly paid workers in terrible conditions, and this is worth considering so that you can enjoy your Christmas party with a clear conscience. Check out the principles of your favourite clothing brands and if you’re considering shopping for a suit, look at the ethics and values of the manufacturers.

Finding out where your fashion comes from can be enlightening, enabling you to make better choices that benefit everyone in the chain of production. It’s easier than ever to find this information since most companies that are environmentally and socially conscious will share this information widely. You can refer to the brand or store website to find out more about where your clothing is created, and discover whether you are supporting companies that believe in providing fair and safe working conditions for all those who are involved in the production process.


Top Tips for a Sustainable Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year but we’re increasingly aware of the environmental impact of our consumer decisions. There are many ways to make a positive difference by making simple changes to your seasonal routines, and the good news is that you don’t have to compromise on Christmas magic when you make environmentally friendly choices. In fact, knowing that you have considered the effects of your decisions and made choices that support the planet means you can relax and enjoy yourself even more.

Here are our top tips for a more sustainable Christmas – all of the fun without the guilt!

  1. Go natural with your decor.

    If you love to decorate your house for the festive season, you could consider going natural this year, bringing seasonal greenery from your local area indoors. You can create beautiful garlands and wreaths, as well as centrepieces for the table and tree decorations, and get everyone involved in the creative process. Of course, if you already own all the decorations you plan to use, and don’t intend to buy anything new this year, the most environmentally sound choice you could make is to re-use your existing decor.


  1. Consider your Christmas tree.

    If you have an artificial Christmas tree that you can reuse each year, this is the best choice for the environment as it doesn’t require any of the world’s resources to re-use. If not, the most sustainable choice is to find a local Christmas tree grower where the woodland is managed and replanted. If you want a planet-friendly Christmas tree, you’ll avoid trees that have been imported or transported a long way for sale. In some places, you can also rent a Christmas tree, which will usually be delivered to you and collected from you. This is an investment in your environmental values, and you can rest easy knowing that your tree is being replanted after Christmas – you can even rent the same tree the following year! Alternatively, you could bring in another plant or beautiful branch to symbolise a Christmas tree, or even decorate a house plant!


  1. Shop sustainably.

    When you’re doing Christmas shopping, it can be tempting to go with the cheapest offers, with quantity sometimes becoming more important than quality. Making the right choices for the planet means checking your conscience and the credentials of the websites and shops you use for your purchases. If you’re shopping for clothing, look for organic, fair-trade or recycled fabrics, and if you’re looking for books, consider supporting your local bookshop instead of a big online retailer. If you have time, you could consider browsing local charity shops for some excellent bargains, or look at local pre-loved sale groups and you’ll save money as well as your carbon footprint.


  1. Party wisely.

    You won’t want to give up the fun elements of your Christmas celebrations, but you could consider making choices that are better for the planet as you party. For instance, if you’re arranging catering for an office party, you could look to a local restaurant to provide quality food rather than ordering bland buffet food from an unethical big-name brand that requires a lot of packaging and will often be wasted. Hiring your suit or dress for a party is a great way to save money and take care of the planet, and encouraging others to do the same will boost your eco credentials even further!


  1. Think about your gifting principles.

    If you’re buying gifts for your colleagues or a group of friends, think about charity gifts, making a donation to a good cause or planting trees in their names. While this is not suitable for everyone, if you know your recipients also value sustainability and appreciate concern for the world’s resources, they’ll be delighted to avoid more ‘stuff’ and will love to know that they’ve been able to make a difference to the world.


  1. Eat, drink and be merry!

    If you love getting together for meals with family and friends at Christmas time, you’ll probably spend months thinking about your menus and planning how to feed your guests. This is another area in which you can make positive choices to benefit the environment as well as impress your guests with your culinary skills. Food that is imported comes with a heavy cost in terms of the way it is produced and transported, and this is a major problem for the health of the planet. Choosing local produce and making the most of ethical suppliers will cut food miles and have a positive impact on your local economy, and you can enjoy discovering the very best artisan and specialist choices available in Ireland. The same applies to drinks, with many delicious options being created right here by small, local businesses, and your guests will love the opportunity to discover these more sustainable options.


Suit Hire at Christmas at Suits

Here at Suits, we care about the planet and our clients. We take great care to ensure everyone enjoys their visit to our showroom in Ballycurreen, Cork, where we have easy access and free parking for our clients. We have helped to dress several well-known sports and media stars so you know you’re in good hands.

If you’re looking to hire a suit, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for to make the right impact on the day. We also sell a range of top-quality suits, including bespoke suits that are a great investment in your style. We’ll help you to find all the accessories you need to complete your look, including shirts, shoes and ties. Visit our website or pop in and see us in-store.

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