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Dress to Impress: Stylish Men’s Suits for Your Holiday Parties

Suits for a Party

Dress to Impress: Stylish Men’s Suits for Your Holiday Parties

If you’re looking forward to the festive season and want to make an impact with a stylish suit, we’ve got some great inspirational ideas for you. Men’s suits are no longer a standard option, and there are plenty of choices that will have you looking and feeling great. Finding a style you love that fits you well will ensure that you can really make the most of those holiday parties.

A suit can feel like a big investment so you want to make sure you get it right. Here at Suits, we have a wide range of styles and designs to choose from and we will give you the benefit of our expertise to find the right option for you. It makes sense to buy a suit you can wear again and again, adding accessories to change the look you create. Whether you want a plain, traditional style suit that can be adapted to many different occasions or a statement suit that makes a big impression, we can help you find the best suit to reflect your personality.


Stylish Suits You’ll Love

Our bestselling suits will have you making a big entrance at your office Christmas party, headlining big nights out and causing a stir at wedding celebrations. Here are some of our top picks for you this holiday season:

  1. Jenson Sky Blue Check Suit. This striking three-piece suit is certain to turn heads for all the right reasons, with its Prince of Wales style check and blazer lined in modern camo print. It’s a great look, giving you a hint of Peaky Blinders style with a contemporary twist, and you can style it up or down depending on the occasion you are attending. All the little details are taken care of, with two inside chest pockets and an inside coin pocket, and it fits like a dream.


  1. Danny Sky Three Piece Suit. A classic suit that means you don’t have to compromise on comfort or style, the Danny suit is simple and yet sophisticated. It’s a slim-fitting suit that nips in at the waist and creates a slimline silhouette without restricting your movements. We love the paisley print lining and flat front trousers with tapered legs, and the attractive shade of blue ensures that you will stand out from the crowd.


  1. Bromley Olive Double Breasted Two Piece Suit. This two-piece suit is a slick choice for any occasion and can be accessorised for a super formal look. The deep olive colour will ensure that you stand out, and the Prince of Wales check pattern is a popular touch. It’s a slim-fitting option that doesn’t scrimp on comfort, and you’ll love the functioning pockets and stylish four-button cuff. We’ll even throw in a complimentary pocket square so you can choose the look you want.


  1. Jose Grey Check Three Piece Suit. The Jose suit perfectly fuses traditional and modern styles, combining a classic check and a premium grey fabric with a touch of navy. It’s tailored to fit well all over, with a tapered leg and pinched waist, and the stylish lining fabric finishes the look beautifully. It’s a good idea to try on a range of suits before you choose your favourite, as you may think something more unusual is not what you want and then discover it is the perfect option for you!


  1. Max Wine Three Piece Suit. This stunning red suit will certainly draw the eyes of everyone on your special occasion. The Max Wine Three Piece Suit is a rich burgundy wine shade with a subtle diamond textured fabric and wine tortoiseshell buttons. It’s a classy option with a single-breasted blazer and four-button cuff, and the slim-fitting style is flattering, too.


  1. Simon Wine Velvet Jacquard Three Piece Suit. You’ll be the life and soul of the party in this knockout velvet tuxedo suit, creating an impressive look that will ensure you make the right impact. It takes a certain flair to embrace this more dramatic suit but you won’t regret your choice when you’re the star of the show! We love the black details on the lapel and pockets, as well as the black buttons and pocket square that create an elegant finish.


  1. Morris Blue Tweed Check Three Piece Suit. You’ll certainly stand out for all the right reasons when you arrive at a special occasion in the Morris Blue Tweed Check Suit. This men’s wool mix tweed suit makes a bold statement with its bright colours and multi-tonal check, and the slim fit gives you a sleek silhouette. You can change up the colour of your shirt, tie and pocket square to create your own version of this stylish look or wear the suit without the waistcoat for a different effect.


  1. Bromley Stone Check Three Piece Suit. This is a striking choice in a neutral shade that is well suited to confident men, with navy-coloured velvet accents to add a contemporary touch. The Bromley Stone suit features a subtle Prince of Wales style check that gives a classic formal refinement, and the slim fit is designed to flatter and enhance the silhouette. If you feel that you can’t pull off a look like this, try it on anyway – you may be pleasantly surprised!


  1. Grey Blue Check 3 Piece Suit. This great suit is a twist on a classic – never boring but subtle enough for anyone to pull off. You’ll love the cut, with tapered legs to flatter your shape, and the grey-blue check is eye-catching without being too obvious. You can change the look with a different tie and pocket square and wear the suit with or without the double-breasted waistcoat for a variety of looks.


  1. Diamond Black Tux Lapel Diamond Three Piece Suit. You can spend all night on the dance floor and still look slick in this black tux that exudes suave style and sophistication. This suit features a classic silk style peak tuxedo lapel on the blazer and a vibrant dual-panelled lining with branded Marc Darcy circle print, echoed in the pocket square for a touch of colour. This is a classic option that will make you look and feel fantastic, and you can wear it to every occasion without ever looking tired.


Looking after your new suit

Once you’ve chosen your new suit, it’s important to learn how to care for it properly so that it will last longer and hold its shape better. Here are our recommendations to keep your suit in great condition:

  • Hang your suit up properly. Your suit will soon lose its shape if it is not hung up properly when you take it off, and this is an easy way to help keep it looking great. Invest in the correct hangers, which will often come with your suit, to protect the shoulders and ensure the jacket drapes correctly as it hangs. Wooden hangers are usually the best option for suits, but the thicker plastic hangers will also work well.


  • Give your suit plenty of space. Ensure that you give your suit enough space to hang properly, perhaps leaving them out for a day or two to air after wearing and then hanging them in a spacious wardrobe. Closely packing your suits in with other clothing will lead to wrinkles and poor air circulation. We recommend the use of garment bags to protect your suit against wrinkles and moths, another easy way to protect your suit.


  • Use Cedar blocks. Cedar blocks are excellent for absorbing moisture and are a natural moth-repellant so they’re an ideal way to protect your suits when they are hanging in the wardrobe.


  • Dry clean suits. Your suits should be dry cleaned when needed, and you should not be exposed to too many chemicals by over-cleaning. Once or twice a year should be enough for most suits, especially if worn only once per week, as long as the suit is hung correctly to allow the fibres to rest before you wear it again.


  • Use a horse hair brush. A horse hair brush is a great way to look after your suit on a daily basis, gently brushing it down for about a minute after each wear to remove any dirt and protect the fibres of your suit.


  • Use a steamer. Steaming your suit will keep it looking great all day long, and a five-minute steam before wearing is ideal. A great hack is to hang your suit up in the bathroom while you are in the shower, which will also help prevent wrinkles.


Taking care of your suit will help you to make the most of your investment, so it’s well worth taking the time to carry out these simple steps.


Find your perfect suit at Suits

If you’re looking for a great suit for your holiday season parties, we can help you find exactly what you want. We stock a range of top-quality suits, including bespoke suits that are a great investment in your style, and we’ll help you find all the accessories you need to complete your look. Visit our website or pop in and see us in-store.

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