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Building a Capsule Suit Wardrobe: Essential Suits Every Man Should Own

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Building a Capsule Suit Wardrobe: Essential Suits Every Man Should Own

Do you often open your wardrobe and feel uninspired? A large collection of clothing can feel overwhelming and it is often stressful trying to pick an outfit from a stuffed wardrobe with no advice on choosing successful combinations. It sometimes seems that going and buying more clothing is the only option, but the answer could be simpler than that. Perhaps the solution this time is less clothing, that is more deliberately selected.

When you wear suits regularly, you can make the most of your wardrobe by building a versatile essential suit collection that includes essential pieces that can be mixed and matched for different events. A capsule wardrobe allows you to create a small but well-selected collection of clothing pieces that optimise the impact of your style and your budget.


Capsule Wardrobes for Men

Many men find it frustrating to put outfits together and a capsule wardrobe can simplify the process daily. If you’ve found yourself staring at your clothing choices with no real idea where to start, a capsule wardrobe could be a great solution for you. You’ll find it saves you time and effort when you’re getting dressed and ensures you look sharp and put together every day, as well as saving you money buying items of clothing you’ll never wear! We’re big fans of the capsule suit wardrobe, and we’ll share our top tips here:


  1. Opt for timeless classics 

When you’re investing in a suit, it makes sense to go for a timeless classic that allows you to customise your outfit for different occasions. An outfit that will not age quickly will give you better value for your investment and you are more likely to be reaching for it in future months or years if it does not feel outdated. Opting for a timeless style will mean you don’t need to update your wardrobe constantly and you know you’ll look great on any occasion.


  1. Choose versatile items

If you only have a few items to choose from when you’re dressing for the day or a special occasion, you’ll want to ensure that these items are versatile enough for several different purposes. For instance, an essential suit that you wear for work might be accessorised to wear to a party or dressed down for casual drinks after you leave the office. We recommend starting with a good quality navy suit and a well-cut charcoal suit, for instance, as these can be worn separately or combined for more casual days.


  1. Select neutral colours as standard

Man SuitIt’s interesting to look at what the celebs are wearing and you will notice that most men in the public eye wear outfits that are primarily made up of neutral colours. Plain black, navy and earthy tones are usually the base colours in a well-put-together outfit, with paler shades and bold prints used sparingly to make an impact. There are exceptions to this, such as the Morris Blue Tweed Check Three Piece Suit, which is a standout fabric we love, but this is a statement piece that would not necessarily fit well into a capsule wardrobe. The core colours in a capsule wardrobe should go together well and mix and match easily, complementing each other to create the perfect background for brighter colours or patterned accessories.


  1. Work out how many of each piece you need

Your personal approach to a capsule suit wardrobe will depend upon your lifestyle. If you wear suits to work daily, you will need at least five to ensure that they can air and recover between wears. If you wear them less frequently, you may only invest in a couple of classic suits and then a selection of shirts and accessories that can be used to create different looks. You will probably want to include at least two pairs of shoes so that you can wear them on alternate days and make the most of your colour combinations. We recommend a black and brown pair, both made of good quality leather, as the minimum. You should consider the addition of accessories such as waistcoats, pocket squares and ties to vary your outfits according to the occasion.


  1. Consider it an investment

Many men shop for clothing as a necessity and don’t take the time to consider whether what they are buying suits them or works with other items they own. If you can shift your mindset and see your clothing purchases as an investment in yourself, you’ll be able to be much more deliberate about your choices. It can help to make a list before you go shopping, considering the rest of your wardrobe and thinking about the colours and pieces you need to complement what you already have. When you’re building a capsule wardrobe, it’s all about making choices that work together and can be swapped in and out to create different effects. Ask a friend or relative whose style you admire to help you go through your wardrobe and work out what you are missing, and take someone you trust with you when you go shopping so that you can get a second opinion on whether your choices fit you properly and suit you well.


  1. Go for quality

A cheap suit will not last long and will look like a budget option – this is not a wise use of funds and will not work as part of a capsule wardrobe. Look for quality fabrics that will last and maintain them properly to get the best from them. When you’re creating a capsule wardrobe, you need fewer items and can focus on better-quality options that will endure. A good suit should last for many years and is a much better investment than a handful of cheap suits that do not fit properly and end up in landfills when they fall apart. Having a suit custom made to fit you is a great way to make the most of your money and our custom suit service will give you affordable options to create the style you want.


  1. Take care of your clothes

When you’ve dedicated time and effort to your capsule wardrobe, you will want to ensure that your carefully chosen pieces last as long as possible. Caring for suits properly can extend their life significantly, so it is very important to read care labels and look after your suits accordingly. For instance, giving your suit time to air between wears, and brushing it down to remove debris and lint can keep it in great condition, while leaving it balled up on a chair will shorten its lifespan and damage fragile fibres. Cedarwood is great for preventing moths from damaging your suits and dry cleaning only when needed will prevent damage from the chemicals involved in washing. Read up on suit care and maintenance to find out how to care for your suit and extend its life.


  1. Have fun with your accessories

A capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring, although some people make the mistake of having a closet full of the same items in different colours, or even in the same colour! If you prefer plain black or navy suits and your basics are all similar, don’t panic, you can accessorise to create a variety of interesting and stylish looks. When you’re choosing accessories, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and go for items that are a bit different. Pocket squares in bright shades or cufflinks that add a touch of fun to your outfit will help you to stand out for the right reasons, and a selection of eye-catching ties will ensure you never look boring.


Build your capsule wardrobe at Suits 

Here at Suits Distributors, we have spent years getting to know what works and what doesn’t, and we can help you find the pieces that will complement your style and your personality. A capsule wardrobe is a great way to make your life easier daily as you’ll save time deciding what to wear and you won’t waste money on purchases that will only be worn once. Talk to us about your wardrobe and we’ll work with you to find the timeless classics that suit you best, as well as those stylish accessories that guarantee you a unique look.

We have an extensive range of top-quality suits, as well as a custom-made service for that extra special touch. A great suit is a fantastic investment in your lifestyle and our friendly staff can take the hassle out of shopping for you. We have dressed many celebrities and sports stars and we ensure that every customer enjoys the full VIP experience when visiting us at our convenient store in Ballycurreen. Visit our website or pop in and see us in-store.

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