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Looking for a Debs or Graduation Suit: Your Essential Guide

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What Debs or Graduation Suit is for You?

You did it! You’ve made it to graduation and now you want to celebrate in style. It’s time to get your glad rags on and enjoy your special day. You’ll want to enjoy your graduation itself and make your Debs ball a night to remember, and it’s important that you look and feel your best for the occasion. 

A Deb or Graduation Suit is likely not your everyday attire, and we’re here to help you find your way around the options. Maybe you’ve never worn a suit before, or you’ve worn one bought by someone else but never chosen your own. There’s a world of choice out there depending on the look you’re going for and a good suit can last you many years so it’s worth taking the time to get it right. 

From tuxedos to three-piece suits, we’ve got an extensive range of suits for your Debs or Graduation so that you can choose something that will suit your budget and your style. Maybe you want to wow the other graduates with your classic look or stand out from the crowd in a bright colour or check pattern. We have thousands of suits for you to consider so you can have some fun trying on new styles or find a modern twist on a traditional style you love.


How to Choose a Debs/Graduation Suit

Graduating from school or college is the end of an era and you’ll want to look your best for your Graduation and Debs. There’s always a lot of attention on choosing dresses for such occasions and many will have been planning what to wear for years, but when it comes to suits, it can be harder to work out how to create the image you want. 

If your event is black tie, that means tuxedos will be expected. This can help to narrow down the options and you can experiment with colour and cut to find something perfect for you. If it doesn’t specify a black tie, you may want to look at three-piece suits to create a classic, tailored look that can be styled to suit your personality. Whatever you have in mind, it’s worth trying a variety of styles to find a look you love that is also comfortable – it’s no good looking sharp if you can’t breathe out for the duration!


James Bond Tuxedo or Peaky Blinders Suit

There’s nothing stopping you from trying on several options and stepping right out of your comfort zone, so if you’ve always dreamed of a bit of 007’s smooth style or you fancy turning heads with a sharp suit like Tommy Shelby, now’s the time to go for it. 

It can be great fun to pick a theme with friends and go in a similar style – James Bond, Peaky Blinders and Mad Men are ideal themes for this type of occasion. Dressing up formally can also be more fun if you’re in good company so have a chat with your friends and work out a game plan together. 

We love this Jenson Grey Check Suit for ultimate Peaky Blinder vibes. It features a modern camouflage print that is perfect when you want to stand out from the crowd and the well-cut fit is flattering and comfortable. 

If you’re going all out for the slick secret agent style, you’ll want to choose a tuxedo that exudes class and sophistication. This Dalton Black Tux is a classic silk style with peak lapels and matching buttons. Slim fitting with a complimentary pocket square, it’s just what you need to make an impact.

If Mad Men is your ideal style inspiration, you might want to experiment with a suit in a daring colour, such as the Max Wine Three Piece Suit, or embrace the full Don Draper effect with a suit in the classic American style, tapered at the waist to create a v-shaped silhouette. A style like this Light Grey Three Piece Suit is ideal for this suave retro look.

Your Graduation or Debs is a great opportunity to really let your hair down and celebrate so make the most of it! A well-fitted suit can transform the way you feel and give you a confidence boost whether you’re trying to impress someone special or just want to look the part as you enjoy a good party with your friends. 


Choosing Suit Colours and Patterns

Recently, designers have embraced the possibility of unusual colours and patterns when creating graduation suits. Finding a suit that showcases your personality can ensure that you stand out from the crowd and with options such as this Morris Blue Tweed Check Three Piece Suit, you’ll be the envy of the dance floor. 

You’ll love the Alvin Grey Pink Check Three Piece Suit, a stylish option with a grey base colour that can be accessorised to bring out the pink detail, while the Luca Navy Check Tweed Suit is designed with sophistication in mind. It’s a timeless suit that you will wear for years to come and can be styled to create many different looks.

If you’d like a solid colour but don’t want to go for the usual black, grey or navy blue, you might consider this gorgeous Wine Three Piece Suit, a classic style cut to flatter in a striking shade that will certainly get you noticed. The Bromley Sky Blue Check Three Piece Suit is another popular choice for debs, giving you a great balance between formal style and comfort with a cut that is simply divine.


Don’t Forget Your Accessories

If you really like the idea of colour but want a classic coloured suit that you can use for other occasions in the future, don’t forget that you can use colours in your shirt, tie or waistcoat to lift your outfit. A crisp shirt in a bright colour you love can bring a black, grey or stone-coloured suit to life and a tie that reflects your personality can add another touch of style to your look. 

The shoes you wear will also contribute to the impact you create so make sure you choose the right style for your suit. A tapered leg may be best suited to brogues or loafers, while a regular leg may look good with a wider shoe. Stick to black shoes if your suit is black, or experiment with shades of brown if you’ve gone for a brown, grey or check option. 


Make your Graduation/Debs Memorable

Your graduation/debs should be memorable for all the right reasons, so don’t forget the following top tips for a successful occasion:

  • Arrange transport early. Make sure you know how you’re getting to and from your graduation/debs events and have your transport arranged early so that you’re not asking for a lift at the last minute. Whether a parent with a nice car has agreed to act as chauffeur for the night or you’ve all chipped in to hire a car for the occasion, you can relax once it’s all booked in.
  • Take photos. You’ll want to remember this night forever, especially when you and your friends have spent time curating your outfits and have all made such an effort. You could hire a photographer to capture the moment before you leave for your graduation or debs or ask one of your parents or friends to do the honours. 
  • Don’t be late. There’s nothing worse than missing out because you’re late – and missing your own graduation ceremony is a big no-no! Plan ahead, ensure you have plenty of time to get yourself ready and you’ll thank yourself when you arrive with time to spare and you can relax.
  • Stay safe. You want to remember this as a great celebration so it’s important to take care of each other and ensure you’re staying safe. Taking risks could ruin the occasion for everyone, so relax, stick together and enjoy the occasion safely. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and you’ll feel better in the morning, too. 
  • Let’s dance! Even if you normally feel self-conscious, this is an opportunity to let go and create some great fun memories for you and your friends. Take a deep breath and strut your stuff on the dance floor, showing off your new suit and making the most of your debs party.


Visit our Cork store for Graduation Suits in Ireland

When you’re looking for a suit for your graduation or debs, there’s no better place to visit than our Cork showroom, with thousands of options for you to consider. We’ve got a wide range of tuxedos, three-piece suits, two-piece suits and dress suits in many styles, fabrics and colours, so you can be sure you’ll find something you love. We can give you the benefit of years of professional experience and help you to find a suit that makes you look and feel great. 

We stock men’s accessories in-store and online and we offer suit hire as well, so you won’t have to go anywhere else when you’re preparing for your graduation/debs. There’s no need to book an appointment, just pop in and our friendly staff team will help you to find the perfect suit for graduation, debs or any other occasion.

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