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Wedding Suits the Ultimate Guide for Guests

Wedding Guest Suits

How to find the Ultimate Wedding Suit: Guide for Wedding Guests

You’ve RSVP’d, you’ve bought a wedding gift, you’re almost ready to attend the wedding of the year, but what will you wear? It can be challenging to find the perfect suit to wear to a wedding, so our guide to choosing suits for wedding guests is designed to help you to look and feel your best.

Do you want to step out of your comfort zone and try something new? We’ll help you to find the perfect balance between looking sharp and feeling comfortable, and with our range of three-piece suits, Tweed wedding suits, two-piece suits and tuxedos for weddings, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill. 

You might simply want to update your classic look, and we can help here too. With a wide variety of fabrics and styles and colours from silver grey to red wine, our fashion experts can ensure that you make the impact you desire, whether it’s a slick 007 style or a striking look that stands out from the crowd. 

The process of selecting your ultimate wedding suit can be fun, so let’s get started…


What’s the wedding dress code?

Weddings are usually an opportunity for dressing much more smartly than in everyday life, but the level of formality can vary – a rustic outdoor wedding may have a much more relaxed dress code than a super formal affair in a castle or stately home. The wedding invite may give you a clue to the expectations of the bridal party – if it says black tie, that means tuxedos. If it’s a little less formal, you’ll want a classic suit but you will need to make decisions about the style and formality here, too. There are many options and a traditional black tux will make a very different impact to a modern tweed suit, so step out of your comfort zone and find something that makes you feel good.


Choosing your Tuxedo

A tuxedo, or tux, is a common choice for weddings, both for guests and for the wedding party. If you’re in luck, your wedding invite will have specified that the event is black tie and you’ll know that everyone will be suitably attired in tuxedos. A tuxedo will include some satin fabric, perhaps on the lapel and/or the trim on the pockets and sides of the trousers. 

So a Tuxedo will be the ideal option for a very formal wedding, and it will still look the part even if the invite doesn’t specify a black tie. You can never be overdressed for a wedding! However, not all tuxedos are made equal, and you still have choices about the style and look you go for. 

This Simon Wine Velvet Jacquard Tuxedo, for instance, is an elegant tuxedo that will ensure you stand out from the other wedding guests. The rich wine colour velvet jacket, waistcoat and trousers are finished with black satin trim, buttons and lapels and with a crisp dress shirt to complete the look, you’ll be ticking the formal box and making an impact in this unique style. 

If you prefer to stick with more traditional tuxedo options, you’ll love the Dalton Black Tux, with a classic silk-style tuxedo lapel and dual-panelled lining. It’s a classic, classy option that comes with a complimentary pocket square to have you looking the part, creating an impressive look that James Bond himself would be proud to wear.


Classic suits for weddings

The classic suit may be a slightly less formal choice, but there are still many options that can alter your look completely. A good suit is a great investment and can be worn again and again so you’ll get plenty of opportunity to appreciate the high-quality cut and style you choose. It’s worth trying suits in a wide range of styles and fabrics so you can find something that suits your personality, as well as the season.

Consider comfort as well as style, as you won’t enjoy the wedding if you’re worried about sitting down! A well-fitted suit should fit like a glove and allow you to move freely, so take the time to get it right and you’ll feel comfortable from the ceremony to the dance floor. You’ll need to think about the time of year, too, since you’ll be much better off in a velvet tux if you’re attending a winter wedding than if you’re setting out for a location wedding on a sunny beach. 

The location of the wedding will also have an impact on your choices. For a country house wedding, for example, this DX7 Tan Tweed Suit is the perfect option, marrying earthy tones with a heavy fabric and modern velvet trim. This is a strong look that is perfect for a formal wedding in the countryside. However, if you’re attending a wedding in an outdoor setting, especially in the summer months, you’ll want to consider looks like this Bromley Stone Suit with a subtle check. It’s a classic formal style with navy velvet accents so it looks the part and the paler fabric gives you a cooler, lighter look.


Choosing a wedding guest suit you’ll love

Suit shopping can be an overwhelming process and it can help to understand what you’re looking at. Being clear on whether you want a two, three or four-piece suit is a good place to start, and then you can narrow down your choices according to cut and fabric preferences.

Two, three or four-piece suit?

There are many choices to make when you’re shopping for a wedding suit, and we’re here to help you decipher the options. Here’s the lowdown:

  • A two-piece suit is the simplest of the options, comprising a suit jacket and matching trousers. This is a classic, simple look that will take you from a wedding to a job interview and you can vary the style and impact by changing up your shirt and tie. A two-piece suit is a great option for a summer wedding when you want to stay as cool as possible all day, and a classic style like this Dark Navy Two Piece Suit gives you just the right blend of formal and comfortable.
  • A three-piece suit adds a waistcoat into the mix, and this is where you’ll find more options to ensure your look is tailored to you. With a three-piece suit, the waistcoat will usually be made from the same fabric as the jacket and trousers, such as with this sharp Jose Sky Blue Check Three Piece Suit. It’s cut from premium blue cloth and check woven fabric to create a well-fitted, tailored style that is comfortable and elegant, and the well-designed pocket square and lapel badge compliment the look perfectly. You can also play with tradition here and swap your waistcoat out for a different fabric so that it compliments your jacket and trousers but adds a unique twist to your outfit, so talk to us about the options and we’ll help you to create the ideal wedding suit. 
  • A four-piece suit refers to the jacket, trousers and waistcoat of the three-piece suit, but with a tie included. This may also be referred to as a three-piece suit with a complimentary tie, and there are plenty of options for curated looks or more relaxed styles here. This Jenson Grey Check Suit is a perfect example, matching the modern camouflage print on the waistcoat and tie with the blazer lining and bringing a touch of Peaky Blinder’s style to your wedding look.


Wedding Suit Accessories

When you’ve found the best wedding suit for your style, comfort and budget, you’ll need to spend a moment thinking about the accessories that will finish off your look. With ties, pocket squares and bow ties, you can change the style of your suit dramatically so it’s worth considering your options carefully. You can stick with a classic colour or paisley print, or embrace contemporary style with a more striking tone or design to suit your personality and the occasion. Our accessories are available to order online or you can visit our Cork store to see how much difference the details can make. 


Visit our showroom for wedding suits In Cork, Ireland

Our Cork showroom is the place to visit for all your wedding suit requirements in Ireland. We’ll share our expertise to help you find a stylish, comfortable wedding suit that will make just the right impact, whatever the occasion. Visit our photo gallery online to see the wide range of wedding looks we’ve created over the years and talk to us about the style you want to achieve. 

We’ve been fitting suits in our showroom in Cork, Ireland, for many years and our friendly team combines top-quality service with ensuring you feel at ease. There’s no need to book an appointment, just pop in and we’ll help you to find the ultimate suit for a wedding or any other occasion.

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